Women in Leadership (Part 4): Continuation

I want to wrap up this conversation of women in leadership today with one thought: what do you believe about the topic? Notice I didn’t ask ‘what do you think?’ Human nature discloses that thinking and believing coincide, but I submit to you that when it comes to women in… Read More

Women in Leadership (Part 3): Church & Culture

This past week I drove through the bank – an activity I enjoy because of their candy selection. My friend, Becky, the Vice President-Retail Banking Manager (a leader outside of the church), saw me exchanging with the teller. Her eyes got big, and she ran to the mic at the window and… Read More

Women in Leadership (Part 2): Calling

I want to take women in leadership further and make it tangible. Let’s take a closer look at the word: calling. No matter how we slice it, relationships are vital in a calling. One can’t simply be called and pursue it all on their own and succeed (if you hear… Read More

Women in Leadership (Part 1): Can Women Lead?

It is a topic that I have stayed away from for quite sometime:  Women in leadership. Transparency moment: because I really didn’t know what I truly believed on the subject. Can women really lead within the church? I didn’t grow up in a denomination that believes women can hold high… Read More