First post!

this is the first official post, so i’m gonna tell you about this past weekend:

I was at New Beginning in Northport, AL this past weekend. it was amazing.i had a few friends play with me and it was the official ‘release’ of the record-Roots Run Deep- in tuscaloosa. this has all been such a process, it was nice to sit down and have a day of fruition. to finally see the product of all of the labor. we did two great services, but there was a difference in the second one. people came ready to worship and were taking the songs and applying them to their situations. it’s amazing that God would use something so dark like cancer to relate to so many other people on their levels of different struggles. by the time we got to ‘Make Me Real’ the Lord started moving on some people and it was amazing.

it’s funny how God continually uses the hardest things in my life to minister to others. it’s a comfort to know that we’re not alone in the world- and not on an earthly level, but on a spiritual level. God did something to magnificent for us, we could never repay Him; and the fact that He chooses to be near to us even though we go our own ways shows me that all of my suffering wasnt in vain.

yep, i got all of that out of a few hours on a sunday morning.

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