hey hooper academy!

this morning i got up at some ridiculous time that i never see- like 430am to venture down to montgomery,al, and see the students at hooper academy with my husband. we got to talk with them about what God done in our life and i got to sing a tune from the record- and they were awesome!
but i got to talk to this one kid- austin, i think- and he was talking about how he wrote a song from an experience he had not too long ago called ‘the wrong side of the mountain’. that’s been in my head all day! he went on to explain the lyrics and how this is one of the first songs he’s written and all i could think was- what a title… i already want to hear it.

i thank the Lord today for God reminding me through an 8th grade guy playing on the praise band at his church that He’s given us all these words in our hearts; it’s just amazing to see a young student take a hold of it and run!

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