it’s raining outside today, so it seemed like a good day to write- what about.. maybe there are a few things. i’ve had opportunities to share my story throughout central florida over the past few weeks, and there seems to be one thing that stands out in all of the places. people are either desperate for God, or they just dont care. i talked with a kid the other night who was trying to start a prayer group in his school- they’d been meeting for over a year now, and still nothing- God is teaching them something amazing- His timing is perfect. i heard a story of a man who had been praying for five years for God to send him some kind of bold christian leader to stand up with him. he walked through the door last monday. i spoke with a girl my age about her breast cancer- she’s still fighting- and what it’s meant in her walk with the Lord… she had such a brave heart, but i know what it feels like to be tired of fighting- tired of waiting for good news.  so i guess my thought is, along with waiting for the Lord, the Bible says we also have to rest in him while we wait (ps 37:7).  those that rest and wait will inherit the land (vs 11)…  now i’m not really sure what that means for others, but i know what it meant for me: that God is who He says He is, and there will come a day when the faithful ones will see the fruit of their perseverance. what a blessing it is to meet people seeking the Lord right where they are. they arent holding on to someone else’s thoughts or callings; they are living right where they are in the middle of their own!  may all of our hearts be sensitive in the coming days to pray for those we meet who are in the midst of waiting. i pray that they rest. 

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