treasure- not to be confused with the song :)

“for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” matthew6:21 (from the Bible, New Testament)so this morning i was really thinking about this verse- and obviously i still am :), andi keep asking the question where is my treasure? i know that’s the point of it, but for some reason, i think it has to be more than that. more than, is our treasure in things, or a person or a group — but maybe our treasure is all we long to be… of course, i’d love to say that every day, my treasure is in Jesus- but i know that some days that isnt true- or i’d pray more, read my bible more, dwell on his word more…. more than i normally do, more than is sufficient enough for me to not ‘feel bad’ any more… i know you can relate to this. we as believers turn things in to such a legalistic mess most of the time- what i mean by that is giving ourselves a bunch of guidelines and then once they’re met, we close up shop for the day. i know this is a bit transparent and i feel even a little uncomfortable writing it, but it’s truth. we do so many things that we dont face or dont want to talk about b/c it’s easier that way; and i’m certain that’s not the way we are supposed to be. paul didnt proclaim the gospel at all costs just so he could meet his guidelines for the day. Jesus certainly didnt, so i feel like i’m to go to that standard… i know i wont ever make it to Jesus’ way, but the Bible calls me to try. i want my heart to be found in Him- resting.— then my treasure will be there… maybe it make more sense the other way- where ever your heart is, that’s where your treasure lies.  

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