so last tuesday night i got to hang out at 722pensacola- and it was great! it’s funny how you can do this for a long time and forget how relaxed it CAN be… translation- it’s just fun to be in place where people have their junk together :). anyways, my family and i had gone down that way for thanksgiving week and i got the opportunity to be a part of this particular night… and God blessed in a way that was so refeshing to my soul(without being too corny). i sometimes get annoyed with myself at my amazement that God would ordain a time and place for me.. i’m sure i’m the only one that feels that way- haha. there was a woman i got to meet tuesday night, and she was incredible. we had stories that ran along the same lines- a few things that were different; but they both ended in a loss. her story began this past year and the hard part came this summer… and she was like steel as she talked about it. i remember that time- being like steel, i mean. making sure no one knew my heart was hardening everytime i had to explain what was going on.. and always leaving out details b/c i didnt want the world to know my business… just the ‘high points’. this woman seemed to do the same- if you’re reading this, i’ve been praying for you:)… it’s crazy how God pieced everything for me to be at 722 that very night, and for her to be there as well… why am i amazed?? b/c i think it’s incredible that no matter where you are in life, how far you’ve come from a certain part of your life’s story, God will ALWAYS use it. period. it’s always a part of you. His grace that got you thru is the same grace that allows you to share what you’re all about- and whether you like it or not, you are part of your story. … i hate to cut this short, but isaiah is yelling that it’s time to eat.. shocker!:) ┬ábe encouraged! God is using you!

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