LIVE IT- valley view dnow

valley-view-dnowholy cow… what a night! i cant say enough about the folks at valley view bc and what’s going on down there. lets just start from the beginning:

so the youth guy there-his name is hank-gave us a call and we headed down for the dnow weekend- LIVE IT. i gotta be honest, i had no idea what to expect. i got my friends together, and we headed over. when i got out of the truck, all i could say to them was, ‘well, here we go!’ dont get me wrong, i didnt think something crazy would happen, but it seems like every one has become a little numb to these things- i was wrong, completely wrong. 

worship was great, my husband, andy, talked for the night about what else- LIVE IT. being real about our being believers in christ and encouraging them where they were. we had an altar time just for them to respond to what they’d heard, pray, talk to their friends about it, get their ‘jazz’ in order before they went on with the weekend. this is the part that God began to show off :). andy stopped the invitation, and gave a call again, to those who were’t getting (as i like to say) their jazz in order… then it happend: one lone guy from the back.. i have no idea what grade, but he made his way down and talked a minute to hank, and then prayed… then ALL of his pals came… then more GUYS came… now i know this doesnt sound like much, but it is when GUYS start responding.  we girls kinda go overboard with crying and talking to our friends in these settings; but it was all guys at the altar… and then we worshiped

lift-my-hands-and-spin-aroundit was a time of rejoicing for me. i pray over these things every time i walk into the room. i pray that God moves, that people are changed, that everyone walks out ready to be honest about who they are in Christ; and this night i felt so encouraged that they got it. even if it was just for a moment, they got it… 

yall pray for the youth down there at valley view— they are blowin up!!!

thanks guys! it was rockin!

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