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so monday night, andy, isaiah, our friend jesse, and i traveled down to centreville, al, to hang out at a new thing they have going on called ‘the vibe’. it was over at four points baptist church- and all i have to say is, it was rockin. they had a band that played music for a while and then we were invited for me to play some music and andy to talk a little while. i played a few songs from roots run deep and andy spoke for a while about the urgency to tell other people about what God has done for you. 

i thought about that point the entire time.. i’m sure he said other things, but that’s all i can remember. i started to think about how if we believe that God has really done what we say he’s done in our hearts, why dont we show it? why do we shy away from just telling what we know- what God has done for us. i think this is where we make being a christian so much harder than it really is. if we accept the Lord, it was b/c he called us, and his words (in the bible) drew us to him, right? so how hard is it to tell people about that… or maybe ‘why’ is it so hard? anyways.. just a thought…:) 

we had a worship time at the end, and so many people came for prayer about this, some gave their hearts to the Lord and others prayed for miracles… it was refreshing to see people you dont even know have an outward response. … thanks centreville! it was a blast!

here are some pics sent over to me from stephanie terry:  www. focus1photography. net 

bethanythe vibe

the vibe band, bethany & andy

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