winter weekend- whoa… fbc-npr

so where is westfield, nc, you ask? who knows.. i still dont. trent went with me on this trip and it took us over three hours to find it from the greensboro airport… it shouldve taken about an hour… it was all my fault, and i take sole responsibility- except for that one time trent told me to go straight b/c it looked like a town was up ahead, and 10 miles later, we were still waiting for that town to magically appear. 🙂 we survived and got there just in time for dinner- which, btw, best camp food- EVER. i’d get lost again for one of those salads!

about the weekend- we hung out with the peeps from FBC new port richey, fl- shout out! speaker: john r. evans- a man of many talents, one of which was to challenge everyone to serve… by doing it- serving. i have to be honest, i dont remember a lot about the talks, but i do remember serving- and how that’s our first act of being a believer- that’s what jesus came to do: ‘to serve, not to be served…’ i know that’s somewhere in matthew :). 

in the mts, of western north carolina, i dont think i was prepared for the scene i’d get to meet the Lord in every day.. our meeting place was on top of ‘mountain’ which overlooked lots of mountains… if any of you wanna post pics of this please do- i dont have any! it was so amazing, we worshiped sunday morning facing the mountains.. it snowed just a touch during breakfast, and we got to see the sun stream in while we were singing… ‘your mercy is falling like rain, and i know i will never be the same” .. God was moving, and i wasnt ready to leave, really.. just to pray and thank him that ‘morning by morning his mercies are new’ (lamentations 3) – speaking out loud, so i could hear it for myself, that He is new every morning.. it was a definite time of refreshing. 

best part of the weekend: the sweet friend we were praying for got saved! how faithful God is!!! we knew it would happen… the Lord gave me peace that it would- it’s why we were there! amazing… or, john, i think this would qualify as awesome. so.. awesome!

most random event of the weekend: an accident! while on our way to the oasis that is taco bell, a girl pulled out on top of me and … drama. we were all ok… but i have to wonder, of all the times to be driving by, how in the world did we come by right as she was pulling out?.. in the pic where i’m on the phone, there’s an old man who’s back is to the photo- his name was tommy something or other, i’m not sure… anyways, he became my buddy as only i could make a friend— it’s always the ‘special’ ones, we’ll call it… he was a character all within himself- let me know that he knew Jesus ‘most of the time’ and that we were ’25 miles north of winston-salem; i done told you one time!’… wow. just to let you know in case you were worried, we made it to taco bell.. and i had my crunch wrap supreme and soft taco with a large MtnDew, as they are writing it now on the snazzy new bottles.  

s502470196_1503085_4644her car




the wreck was a bit surreal- we were all shaken up. trent, john r. and the youth pastor, brad, was with me… i was driving so of course that prefaced tons of ‘women cant drive’ jokes… i just found it amazing that God would choose to allow us to ‘run into’ (literally) these people…


there are so many stories from this  weekend, these are just highlights… the greatest thing is that Becca is now a sister! rock on, girl!  


this is not becca, it's stevethis is not becca, it’s steve.. in all pink.. it was worth posting.. and yes, i ripped the pics from brad’s facebook- which i was socially pressured into joining, but am somehow now getting sucked into… help… 



thanks NPR! it was a blast and hopefully we can all hang out again soon! send pics!

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