fan badge…. what???

so i’ve finally gotten a fan page on facebook… i know, where have i been.. .i’ll tell you where i’ve been… EVERYWHERE but ANYWHERE with enough time to make a fan page…  i mean really. so i’ve discovered this excitement that is a ‘fan badge’, so i’m testing it out right here: ok, i tried it… it didnt work… i’m also discovering in all of this how much i really dont know about all this facebook jazz…

for those of you that know me, you know that i was like the last person on earth who wouldve ever gotten a fb page, but due to massive social pressure at one winter weekend with a floridian church that will remain nameless, i went against everything i am, and i got a page… it was addicting at first, it’s annoying at times, but now this love/hate relationship is much better…. i’m learning…

all this to say, hop on over to fb and laugh at how i have no idea what i’m doing- then become a  fan 🙂 …. dont worry, brad npr… twitter is next. beware www.

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