Super Summer 2010- refreshing…

soooooo….. my commitment to you is that I finally keep up with blogging! i think i just expect you to not really care or most of you reading are where i am so why would you ever want to read this… but i’m going out on the limb that you do want to read it and that it’s worth reading 🙂

before i get started: shout out to gold school

so amazingly enough- we made it through super summer mississippi this past week. it was an incredible week with a great speaker and a great worship band….all the makings of a typical youth camp experience- but i didnt mention one thing. the one thing that separates this particular week from anything else i’ve ever done: the fact that the youth were there READY to worship. READY to experience God in a way they never had before… and it was infectious.

Normally, i dont like that word when it’s associated with christianity. i think it’s a bit gross and unnerving- but i digress… those students were ready to see God move like never before in their own lives.each night, they came ready for something more than the night before. not from the band or the speaker, but from GOD…. what a concept!

our pastor said something this morning that closed the week of ‘camp’ perfectly: our worship ‘stinks’ b/c somewhere along the way we’ve forgotten our salvation.

this had rocked my world all day! and what’s so great about it is that i got to experience a giant group of people who, on night ONE, were ready to encounter a TRUE and LIVING GOD. how refreshing 🙂

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