deer slayer…. the new a.k.a…

until we run over some other insanely large animal in the middle of the highway.

besides the obvious, praising God with all we are and giving Him the glory in all we do, i have to clue you in on a few things about bbp band trips: 1- it always comes back to the food, 2- the trip is always at least 50% laughing, 3- there will ALWAYS be a new story from every road trip. here’s the one from tonight:

great night at trace crossing– in tupelo, ms- SHOUT OUT!! lots of great students/friends, great fellowship, worship, food, games, etc…. always a blessing to get to minister with friends. anyways- we decide to head back earlier than we had planned b/c it’d been a long day for all of us with other engagements, family…

we make it through everywhere and get about 6 miles from buhl, al (that’s pronounced ‘bule’… long u), and bambi’s mom- we’ll call her lucille- jumps right out in front of the truck. i mean there was no going anywhere!!! literally decides to jump as we are driving by. now let me say all this and stress that i was going the speed limit and was reminded tonight of why that is so important- in case a deer wants to end it’s life in front of your GMC. the deer flew at least 30 feet from the car and then slid on the road another ten- it was over… no movement. no dumb and dumber moment where we all feel sorry for her and try to help only for her to wake up, tear the car apart and run off… she went to meet her maker… the deer you say? … well- possibly my truck. but that will be determined in a few days.

meanwhile, as we try to make it back to trent’s house- keys- the vehicle starts smoking something fierce and we have to pull over on the next road… which happened to be the road to trent’s house. we called his dad, he came and towed us; we unpacked, repacked, and now i’m sitting at home wide eyed at 2am b/c i cant get the replay out of my mind- which hasnt been a bad thing.

you see, micah- bass- pointed out that the air bags did not deploy- which i believe is the Lord’s grace b/c we hit the deer hard enough… the grill is crushed. it was a blessing that the 18wheeler coming towards us wasnt closer- that wouldve thrown the deer back onto our vehicle. as we pulled off of the road, a sherriff’s car was in front of us and turned around to help…

as i sit back and really think about the incident- it’s almost overwhelming to see just how much God cares for us… cares for you. even though the big picture seems massively depressing – b/c chances are it will cost more to fix the truck than it’s worth- God had His hand of protection on us. now if all of that wouldve gone the opposite way, does that mean he doesnt care? No chance! it just means that there’s another place that He has ordained to show you his grace…  what a priviledge to know that the God who created the heavens cares enough for me to show me grace at all!!

here’s a video i took of trent’s dad hooking up the vehicle…. btw- it was daniel’s -drums- birthday!! what a birthday present right?!


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