the crossroads

so, this past weekend i led a great group of women over at Timbercreek Camp with breakthru ministries for their annual women’s retreat. if you have no idea where or what i’m talking about, then click the link or google it…. you have GOT to experience this place.

anyways- truthfully, it’s a bit intimidating at times to lead such a group of women. We had teenagers all the way up to ladies in their 70’s… talk about planning a worship time for such an age range. as someone who does this frequently, there are songs that you’d rather walk ten miles in the snow than play, but for some reason, this weekend, one of those songs came out and showed off :).

of course- it was God… God was all over, all in it… nothing to do with what i had planned or the speaker. it was HIM… you must understand this to get the rest…

as we were singing, ‘there’s no God like Jehovah…’ the Lord reminded me- there’s a point in our lives as believers when what we sing has GOT to become REAL- otherwise, we just singing. we have to believe that ‘there is NO God like Jehovah…’ in the good times as well as the bad. thus, enter the title- the crossroads. where has your crossroads been? at a stand still? maybe you’re standing, just staring at it still deciding if you’re gonna choose to believe. notice the word choose… i dont think God wants us to believe, just because… i think He wants to take that step in our crossroads- make the choice. we can choose to continue on our way, or we can step into His path and let him take charge of our circumstances.

i know this may be common sense, but a little common sense never hurt anybody 🙂

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