strong in … grace…

so our family is on vacation this week!!! woot woot!!!! this is really a first official family vaca pretty much .. EVER. we are really pumped about it. the blue ridge mountains is where we found ourselves this year. it’s been amazing to have quiet times in the middle of the smokey mountains… and it’s exactly what everyone says it it- beautiful. i looked at my mother-in-law yesterday and questioned how in the world people don’t believe that there is at least something bigger than they are- why wouldnt one want to search that out?

still yet, as i have thought about the question, i continue to find myself in 2 timothy ready the 1st and 2nd chapters. there are too many great things in these verses to talk about in one blog, but the one i want to point out is 2tim 2:1- ‘you therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. while, i feel like paul is telling timothy to find his strength in the  grace of Jesus, i can’t help but apply it to the question at hand: be strong in grace of Jesus towards these people who have yet to believe.

Paul goes on to talk about being an unashamed workman… meaning, carry yourself so that you wont be ashamed by your actions… in life, it’s so easy to write people off who dont believe; but maybe, just maybe what they are missing in their life is that grace that Paul talks about in Timothy. and maybe, as believers in Jesus, we are supposed to be an earthly picture of that grace…

honestly, in my eyes, these mountains are a picture of God’s grace… that he would make something so beautiful for my eyes to see- that’s how much God loves all of us 🙂

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