you know, sometimes when i pray… frankly, it’s frustrating. i know what i’m trying to say, i dont feel like i’m saying it right… the list goes on. i’m telling God what’s going on- like He doesnt already know- and then i throw my hands up and think, ‘is this even worth listening to?’…

yesterday, i got to listen to my neighbor give his testimony- which is incredible btw- at his home church. i spoke with him the night before and he told me about how different it is to speak to a church crowd vs. his employees… and the more i think about it, he’s right. what a bigger responsibility it is to talk about God to other people- on ANY level and at ANY place. we had prayed the night before for God to give him the words and wisdom in how to communicate his personal story… and God granted exactly what we had asked.. it was amazing.. havent i already said that? 🙂

friends of ours in pensacoloa, fl, had been praying for a friend to be saved for quite some time, last week, he did just that. God answered.

on the other hand, a girl we had prayed with this past week didnt quite get the answer she was looking for. it was an answer that changed the course of her life- not the way she was planning it. we prayed for God to work a miracle, for Him to heal, for him to save a life, but He had another plan. question: does this make God any LESS faithful or good?

i dont claim to know all there is to know about God and His plan. but i know this, we as believers in Him have to start concentrating on the goodness of God.. finding the His love in the midst of our adversity. it’s there, it is always there.  but we have to stop looking at the physical and start going deeper.. like when i pray and and i think, ‘is this even worth listening to?’…God absolutely thinks it is worth listening to… we have to decided in the beginning that no matter what the outcome He is faithful and His plan is good.

the Bible is a great place to start searching out God’s plan for your life. 🙂


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