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What a weekend!!! the guys and i hooked the trailer, chowed down on micah’s (bass) home made cinnamon rolls, and headed out towards Mobile, Alabama, to Dayspring Baptist Church. we knew the weekend was gonna be jam packed, but we had no idea!:)

we made it down after traveling a new road towards the coast… this is a big deal for us, b/c we like knowing where we are going so we can plan the lunch stop 🙂 we finally made it to civilization only to figure out we were 30 minutes from the church… so much for lunch!

we loaded in, sound checked, and immediately turned to the giant beach ball in the room for an improvised game of hacky sack … we really didnt know what to expect. the youth area at dbc was amazing… and so was the weekend…

stuart hall was our speaker, and he talked about how a believer in Christ is to reflect what’s already in their heart back to God; he used a mirror to illustrate… then smashed with with a baseball going 90mph to show what we do to that reflection when we choose our own way. so many great points were made, like: you dont unbelieve yourself to a place of sin, you sin your way to a place of unbelief… in other words, you chose to ignore the right decision so many times, that you’ve deceived yourself into thinking it was always ok from the beginning.

saturday night, the guys and i got to lead an extended session of worship and then tell my story about cancer and play some more of the music from roots run deep. there was a junior there by the name of morgan- hey morgan!- who has had a similar battle…except for most of her life. and to be honest, i only got to speak with morgan once, but her countenance was one of great encouragement and strength… it was so uplifting to have her share just a few seconds of her story and how no matter what, she was gonna worship… and she did… as we ended up having a GIANT youth choir behind us helping in corporate worship on sunday morning. AMAZING! trent (keys) and i both pulled out one of our ears just to make sure we heard what was happening! i took a little ‘preservice’ footage you can catch on my facebook page…. hilarious hallelujah chorus 🙂

backing up, i began thinkin about morgan’s situation and how it relates to worship. this weekend what about relating to God, self, community, etc… but her situation causes to me to again ask the question: why does it take something like that for us to search for this God that loves us SO much that He sent us His son to give us relationship with Him! i take it a step further and ask you the reader and even i as the writer one question: do we really believe that God is who He says He is and did what He says He did? b/c if we believed both of those, would it wouldnt take cancer or death of a family member or trouble at home/school/work/marriage… it would just take waking up in the moring 🙂

we enjoyed the weekend Dayspring! it was such a pleasure/privilege and we cant wait to see yall again!

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