an off weekend…

so this weekend, the bbp experience gets the weekend off. this came at a great time… micah’s (bass) brother had a baby (his wife had a baby, you know what i mean 🙂 ),  trent (keys) & daniel (drums) got to kick back with our friends vicki, jusdson and jessica and  watch some movies, shaun (guitar) got some great time with his boys while giving his wife some well deserved ‘me time’, and me… well we had some family come and visit and we are gonna catch ua play basketball this afternoon…

we dont get lots of these weekends (which we are very glad to say b/c that means we are getting to have a blast playing Jesus music); but when we do, it’s nice to be able kick back w/friends and family and just talk about what’s going on, about God, about weather, … everything and nothing:).

i ran into a friend as i picked up isaiah yesterday from day care and he say, you know this weekend is good- get recharged… and i left thinking, you know, he’s right. i keep thinking of all the things i could get done this weekend, when i could really be enjoying it. all this to say- it’s ok to kick back. to leave things where they are just for the short time to visit and listen to everyone you love around.

enjoy tomorrow worshiping at your respective places.. and rest in that time knowing that monday will come… but just for now, enjoy saturday and sunday

brownies anyone? 🙂

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