columbus, MS… play on… :)

so last night, the bbp experience traveled the short distance over the columbus, ms, to fumc columbus. it’s always a party and a great worship time when we head that way… ok, and honestly- the food is incredible. i’ve never seen a group eat like these people! there is not a slice of pizza to be found, or a mound of the tiny mcdonalds cheeseburgers (though, i confess that i find those equally delicious πŸ™‚ ). red beans and rice, grilled chicken, cakes, salads… incredible… what’s incredible about it is that there are volunteers everywhere! and they are loving every minute of feeding this group and serving for this particular event- and that’s EVERY time we go over there πŸ™‚

we began worship last night and from one song to another, the Lord reminded me of how much fun we can have in worship. it’s so easy for me to get caught up in the little details, like hums, rings, being out of tune, missed chords; but last night, God was so good to remind me that while it is good to keep a handle on those things, the bottom line is that we worship with our whole self… and that can totally entail laughing, jumping around.

when you get to be a part of worship all the time, it’s easy to step outside of what it was truly intended to be and become overly involved in the minor details. God has been reminding me over the last week, that no matter what is going on around me- all of which i cant control- i Β can control my heart in worship… and that is what HE is looking at, that is what HE is searching… minor kinks are good to work out so that they dont happen, but the focus of our hearts is the true matter at hand.

funny enough, this applies to life- a dirty house, slacking on homework, forgetting to bring something someone asks you to bring (i’m awesome at that on, right leigh πŸ™‚ ), etc- the focus and intentions of our hearts is what God is truly longing for us to realize has the utmost importance in our walk with Him.

when we felt like we had finished last night, no one moved from their seats. we all froze… quietly… i have the unfortunate gift of laughing during awkward moments… therefore- i laughed. they laughed. someone shouted out a song… and we worshiped for 30 more minutes… so columbus fumc- play on and stay strong!! may we all be reminded in the coming days to check up on our heart’s focus during worship and let that be what bleeds out into our every day life πŸ™‚


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