so, myself and trent (keys) made a lone trip to lead worship last night for Crossroads Fellowship in Jackson, Missouri. we will also be leading them sunday morning for worship- woot! we got the call for this just about 9 days ago, so this was a short notice thing… which is amazing- and we love doing this. it keeps it fun :)… most of the time…

but to rewind a minute:

i’ve had my world shaken up a bit in the last few weeks. and as i talked to a friend on the phone a few days ago, she brought up ‘getting back to the basics’… which we laughed at b/c we always giggle at the cheesy cliches’. but she was right- in making some decisions about life in the last few weeks, i was rocked a little bit, just to be honest. i realized that my particular ‘basics’ was just getting away, praying about what was happening around me, and seeking the Lord and what He says- period. not just seeking Him in my situation, but seeking Him and His holiness.

now to fast forward:

we got to missouri yesterday, sound checked, changed in the church bathroom, and headed out for worship. the night went well, and at the end, it happened. in a spontaneous moment of testimony, a broken man shared of his son’s new found journey with cancer. and as he asked for prayer- i became broken. in that moment, God reaffirmed all of those conversations we’ve had over the past week and a half… and all i could do was smile. 🙂 which is what i’m doing now even as i write this. God in all of His amazing grace reminded me of one of the reasons why i do, why we do what we do- to encourage… as i felt i could encourage this man, i was encouraged.

please pray for our friend jordan who is beginning a new season in life, and for his dad, tom; tom, took his son’s name to Jesus thursday night and asked for healing. please stand with him in that prayer!

His timing… was perfect… for all of us.

His timing is perfect for you too 🙂

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