Compassion And The Gospel… And Guts

today i had a mini talk with a great friend and as our dialogue unfolded, i was reminded with great urgency: the Gospel-compassion, mercy, grace, justice… they are all intertwined. there can’t be one without the other for an effective Gospel, an effective truth that resonates into everyone’s hearts… the sad part is only a few react to the resonation.

i grew up in a place where, looking back, compassion was abounding; but somehow i missed how to present my faith effectively. being married now, my husband has taught me by example that presenting my faith is as simple as living it. living it would include all of what i spoke of a minute ago: compassion, mercy, grace, justice…

everywhere i travel, it seems like we have all begun to present ourselves as a divided group- either we are so compassionate that we leave out the Gospel when scripture says, ‘And how will they hear without a preacher?’ (rom. 10: 14)… or we are so Gospel oriented that we forget the compassion when Jesus was full of it! ‘But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd.”‘ (matt.9:36)

somewhere, somehow, we have GOT to find the middle! we have got to find the guts to live with compassion and live out the Gospel! personally, i think it takes the most guts to live out the Gospel. no one is ever gonna get it right 100% of the time- that’s why we’re not GOD!:) but He does want to have that relationship with us so He can guide us to living with the most guts… who’s gonna have some guts today?

as i’ve said before, when you lead worship, some songs get old- but may we NEVER forget that all of them have a message… and this is one of my favorites:…

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