Over the last few years, prayers for this ministry the Lord has trusted me and the guys with have changed; they have evolved and we’ve even backtracked in some of them realizing that God’s idea of what an itinerant worship ministry and our ideas have GOT to line up in order for true ministry, true Holy Spirit habitation to happen… and that’s the goal right? As we’ve studied more, prayed more, sat under some incredible teaching, especially this past year, the Lord has birthed even more in our hearts to progress in this kind of ministry. Dreams to grow, to see people connect with Him through music and have the Word planted in their hearts so that they can have relationship with Him. With all of that, we are excited to share that …

we are getting ready to walk into the studio – for the first time as a complete team – and record a brand new worship record! WAIT! This is not the part where you stop reading though (hopefully). The vision is for this to be so much more than a new worship record, a new sound, or anything else you can think of that as artists try to do at times to grab attention. We want this to be something that, like I said in the beginning, can connect you not just to great music, but to the Word – because The Word is:

…alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.¬†Hebrews 4:12 (NLT)

And when we are exposed to see who we really are, or really who we aren’t, then true connection and relationship can take place. Songs have been written, chosen and prayed for specifically with the intent to connect you to a Biblical truth, and hopefully assist you in your walk as you desire to know Him more.

Maybe that’s not your thing. Maybe you are friends with one of us, and you are rolling your eyes at this point thinking that you’ve heard this all before. Maybe this is your thing – or maybe you are just sick of having heard all of this before: how some person, in the name of ministry, is creating some new way to be seen… maybe one of these is your view, believe me, I heard a lot over the last several years. Truthfully, it shouldn’t matter, because here’s the reality: in Jesus, we are all on the same team. Our main focus as believers at the end of the day should always be lifting the name of Jesus.

Now here’s the part where I pitch you something… I would love to ask one thing of you during this process that is worth more than anything else you could do or support:


I’d love for you to join the guys and I on this journey in prayer. We will be documenting everything over the next few weeks. I’d love for you to comment on this post or anywhere we begin to talk about the process, and let us know you are praying! We’d love for you to take the graphic below and post it, gram it, put it on your desktop, whatever! Be the Light is one of the new songs we are working on and will be the possible title track. This song isn’t about us being the light, but we as believers acknowledging that Jesus has to be the light – Ps 43:3 – He is God and we are not.

We have been and will be praying for you & would covet your prayers during this time of creativity and preparation for the next season of this ministry. We would love for you to stand with us for:

  • health during this process; this one is for me, personally; strength and health for my voice
  • creativity as we lay out the record and begin making definitive decisions
  • that the Lord & His ways and desires for what is to come and for true ministry to take the driver’s seat over anything and everything else around us


Thank you for all that you do for this ministry – even if it’s just reading this or praying or coming to an event or hosting us. We are so very grateful and don’t take the responsibility that we have on AND off the platform lightly. I know I speak for everyone when I say we are humbled each time we step in front of you knowing that God has something for all of us, Jesus is ready to meet us and Holy Spirit is the power within us.

Thanks for coming along on the journey with us!


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