to just Be

How hard is that title?! Ok, so if you are a functioning-in-the-world adult that wakes up before 11am with a job, any kind of job, and then if you throw a kid or two in the mix, ‘to just Be’ is difficult. Or if you are in school with a full schedule, sports afterwards, homework, then you try to squeeze in at least a little ‘frend time’… Am I the only one? Can I get a witness, please?! ‘To just Be’ is aggravating, it’s irritating, it’s annoying. And once  you dig past those emotions – it’s throws in an emotion that you weren’t expecting:


How many times have you felt guilty for just sitting? This might be just a chick thing, but sitting down and doing nothing has become almost a ‘bad’ thing. Hear me now: I’m not saying sit on your rump all day and do nothing; but to allow yourself to breathe. Confession: I hate letting myself breathe, because when I do, I begin to let the ‘purposeful’ feeling I have slip away. I begin to feel useless.

You know what’s so great about all of these feelings? It’s a PERFECT picture of what it’s like to be a believer in Jesus. Grace is what we received when we accepted Him – it’s free. No strings. Unconditional. Everlasting. WE did NOT earn it, work for it,we did not get the most amount of likes or comments… Jesus extended this kind Grace to us from the cross. Because it isn’t earned, we can walk with Him knowing we can’t lose it (God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. Eph.2:8)

All that to say, because you didn’t earn it, you can walk freely in it – you can BE who God created you to be! What is that? An artist? A mom? An athlete? A garbage man? A secretary? An accountant?  You can walk knowing that Power (strength in weakness, joy in sadness, success in failure) comes from only One: Jesus. So with Jesus, you can stop for those few minutes. You can just be. You can:

Be still, and know that I am God!  Psalm 46:10a

… and NOT feel guilty about it! You can approach Him reverently as the One who saved you from death and sit in His presence – waiting. to just Be… There is no struggle to become something more, because when you are spending time with Jesus in the Word, He will do the transforming and you will be just as He knew you would be… a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17)

So just be what? Be overwhelmed by the fact that the creator of the universe wants to much for you to come to Him, for you to just sit with Him, for you to just be… you have Got to spend time with Your creator to know His heart, to know His plan and for you to be all He has in store for you… you can do it 🙂


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